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I've never even seen the solid body! What is the Model called? Yes that V is really a sweet guitar. What a neck huh? I liked the Gretsch but for me, when I bought this one, the Gretsch didn't have as good of a name pedigree...we are talking 1973. I thought the Starfire looked cooler to. It was my third guitar. I started out with a new Gibson SG Jr. and later sold that and bought a used Guild Starfire III. The Starfire V was new as well. Can ya believe that? It actually sat unsold in a Red Bank New Jersey Music store for 8 years!!! I think they had gotten 10 or so from Hoboken in the end of '65 and this was the last of that bunch...cherry red.

Both the SG Jr. and the Starfire III had the short necks and were more for rhythm playing. The V was my first "Lead Guitar". Next came a Gibson SG wired stereophonically. (Zappa Fan back then) This was when I started owning more than one guitar... Nothing could ever remove me from playing the Starfire V and I've owned a lot of electric guitars over the years. I live about 7 miles from the PRS factory on Kent Island, MD.

Did you see the videos below of the Starfire V being played? The Phil X review is a nice tour although I'm not sure about Phil.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?