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New Section: The Bates Method: Natural Vision Improvement

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Excerpt from Mercola article above:

What You Get in the Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally Program:

"You'll listen to these CDs over and over. Greg Marsh presents all 64 tracks (over 7 hours total) in a relaxing and compelling way that will help you see better each day. You'll find your entire mind and body relaxing as you absorb the essence of the Bates Method and restore ease and clarity to your eyes.

CD #1 – See with Ease: Recognize strain you've never noticed in your eyes before, and easily let it go. Feel your eyes relaxing as you see more clearly.

CD #2 – Relax and Move: Your eyes thrive on natural movement. You'll see more and more clear "flashes" as you remember to keep your vision alive and moving.

CD #3 – Reawaken Clarity: Add more techniques and nuances to your deepening understanding of the Bates Method. Watch strain give way to awe. This is the way to see clearly!

CD #4 – Mind and Body: Discover how visual strain really extends all through the body. You'll find headaches, tight shoulders, and back pain disappearing as you let go from head to toe.

CD #5 – Seeing it Through: Helpful guidance for some of the challenges you may face as you improve your vision, such as skeptical friends, doubtful eye doctors, and working at your computer. Powerful tools and visualizations.

CD #6 – Daily Vision Activators: You get 20 short follow-along activities to help you make a mind-body shift each day to help your eyes. Even one track is like a tuning fork to bring you back, but listen to several if possible.

62-Page Guidebook: This inspiring booklet is a simple compilation of techniques, with photos and guidelines for how and when to do them. It also includes a great summary of how and why the Bates Method works."

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally - "Dr. Mercola, a leading natural health expert and osteopathic physician, talks about natural ways to help improve your vision naturally and why you should avoid eyeglasses, lasik surgery, and other potentially harmful eye treatments.

Bates Method Restored Dr. Mercola's Eyesight - "Dr. Mercola wants you to learn how he accidentally learn "Bates method" which led to a series of events that allowed him to improve his eye vision. (This is an older video. Refer to the Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally CD program in the beginning of this section.

Natural Eyesight Improvement with the Bates Method - This is a slightly longer version of the of Greg Marsh's introduction to The Bates Method which Dr. Mercola included in his video above.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Greg Marsh on Improving Eyesight
"Dr. Mercola interviews Greg Marsh, about Bates Method, a mental approach that helps improve your eyesight."
"How the Bates Method Can Help You Retrain Your Eyes to See More Clearly Again" - Mercola article summarizing video
Short version of interview
Full Interview

Bates Method Webinar 1 - "How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally"
Presented by Greg Marsh
"This webinar by Natural Vision Teacher and Coach Greg Marsh will help you learn subtleties that people tend to miss. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism or reading glasses, follow along and see what happens. Your eyes can only relax when the mind relaxes. Learn why continuous, effortless visual movement is at the heart of relaxing your eyes and mind. You did this naturally when you were younger. Relearn that effortless vision again, now!

Continued in parts 2 - 5, this webinar also goes into the mind aspect of seeing clearly, reducing your glasses prescription, various conditions including astigmatism, and the value of visual relaxation for eye diseases."

Part 1 - "Long Swing and Palming - Essential secrets for vision improvement."
Part 2 - "Mind over eyesight, relaxe your mind, realx your eyes"
Part 3 - "Reduced prescription glasses, working with your optometrist"
Part 4 - "Help for nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, and more"
Part 5 - "Glaucoma and Cataract, natural healing, shift your thoughts and emotions"

Bates Method Webinar 2 - "Bates Method and Your Eyesight"
Presented by Greg Marsh
"This webinar is a great primer on the Bates Method of eyesight improvement. Dr. Bates originally found his "Bates Method" helpful for nearsightedness (or myopia). He then learned how to apply it to his own need for reading glasses (presbyopia). Then farsightedness, crossed eyes, astigmatism, etc. But even Dr. Bates was surprised to find it was also helpful for cataract, glaucoma, and other "eye diseases". Follow this 7 part webinar to learn how and why it works, and to begin applying the Bates Method for your own eyesight improvement. Each video includes a disclaimer, as this approach is not medical and does not replace licensed medical support for any eye problem, diagnosis, or treatment. Rather, it shows you how to apply the astonishing power of relaxation and breaking poor vision habits such as staring. A great mix of the principles, stories, and instruction."

Part 1 - "Help for a wide range of vision conditions"
Part 2 - "Getting started on eyesight improvement"
Part 3 - "How much palming is ideal?"
Part 4 - "Emotions and tight muscles affect your eyesight"
Part 5 - "Live questions, cataracts, long swing, short swing"
Part 6 - "Helpful even after eye surgeries such as Lasik and cataract"
Part 7 - "Nearsighted success story with -4.75 glasses, using Bates Method"

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