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Attorney Shopping

You may want to keep your eye open for a different attorney.
Many attorneys won't deal with petty-misdemeanors.

I was flatly denied help from one attorney, yet his partner/father was willing to take the case after he met with me and saw my concern.
I had to convince him that his fee was worthwhile to me. A little funny.

Me and a friend of mine made use of the same attorney who would slide into the judges office and walk out with a favorable deal. He might not have appeared to be a sharp and powerful attorney, yet worked his magic for me and my friend.

However, my friend was upset when this attorney would not make some fundamental legal arguments. I think that is natural. Who would want their client dictating your area of expertise, or pushing for a legal argument that the attorney is not prepared to make. Attorneys don't want to fall flat on their face in the eyes of a judge. Their next client might not get fair consideration if the attorney is seen by the judge as just a waste of time.

However, if you can find an attorney who is strong with constitutional legal arguments, then you might get the defence you are looking for. If you find one, please let me know.