Comment: They will try

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They will try

I don't know if humanity can survive. By humanity I mean 'not animals'. They wish to make us into our collectivist evolutionary past. The alphas mate and the betas work, fight, and are consumed for the alphas. But this is a dead end.

War is the continuation of politics.

Capitalism is the continuation of evolution.

There are only two options.

Capitalism will defeat politics or capital will own politics.

If the state lives, humanity will die, it's only a matter of time. If the state dies humanity may escape this rock.

Humanity is the animal with the least collectivist mating strategy that is still social. It is no accident we are in the position we are and still fight this battle. The battle is older than humanity.

The bad guys, the ruling class, are fighting for the ants, the sheep, the wolves. Alphas über alles. Masters and slaves.

In a sense we are fighting for monogamy. 'Family values'. Individualism. Capitalism. (as we understand it)