Comment: I should have phrased my first sentence differently

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I should have phrased my first sentence differently

I should have phrased my reply without the "I don't know why you claim..." part, and just give the link and description to independently establish the OP's article as credible on the basic facts.

No one is saying Mark Armitage was working at Berkeley. Please get your college names straightened out before you reply.

You wrote that he was not "a professor at California State University". You're the one who is "Deceptive from the start".

Instead of admitting that you rushed through and jumped to an illogical conclusion, you spin it to say that you meant "Berkley", and were somehow not incorrect.

Start by reading the article again, more carefully this time.

Mark Armitage worked at California State University - Northridge (not Cal State (Berkley), as you write it). The article doesn't claim he was a "professor", just a "scientist" who worked there. Why did you change his job title in your reply?