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He is correct that the Arabs living in Israel are not suffering the way the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza are suffering. They have jobs, they have careers, they have a high degree of security, they can vote...but only if they keep their mouths shut.

Israel is very sensitive to the ethnic makeup of their society. They are VERY concerned about the Arabs in their midst and there have been many calls in the Knesset to have them expelled.

The reason the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank are suffering is because they are effectively occupied by a hostile power that prevents travel, holding regular jobs, trading outside their area, etc. This is especially true of Gaza where there has been a blockade for 7 years.

The speaker says that all would be good if Hamas would just accept Israel. The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank did exactly that...and the West Bank has been diced up by illegal Israeli 'settlements' so badly that it can no longer be made into a viable Palestinian state. Travel is interrupted every few miles by military checkpoints, the abuses at which are well documented.

Hamas knows that by defying Israel, Palestinians might lose everything. But by looking at what has happened on the West Bank, they must know that if they submit, they will certainly lose everything.

So the speaker's recommendations have been tried and they don't work.