Comment: Who Started ‘the Cycle of Violence’ in Palestine?

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Who Started ‘the Cycle of Violence’ in Palestine?

And who keeps it going?
by Justin Raimondo

'So why did the Israeli government lie about the "kidnapping"? Look at the context: the US had recently recognized the Fatah-Hamas unity government and Tel Aviv had taken the brunt of the blame for the failure of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. It was a no-brainer, as far as the Israelis were concerned: why not use the murder to exert maximum political leverage on Washington, launch fresh attacks on the Palestinians, and score a few much-needed propaganda points?

The Israelis not only kept the murder of the three boys secret, they also kept the identities of the accused Palestinians under wraps for two weeks. Why?

Because the two brothers implicated in the murder are members of a clan known to be a "rogue" element in Hamas, having defied the wishes of the Hamas leadership on repeated occasions. Hamas would have no motive for the murder, unless the leadership wanted to sacrifice the real political gains they have made on the West Bank for the "satisfaction" of executing three Israeli teens.

The Israeli deception allowed them a pretext to carry out a military operation that otherwise would’ve been seen for just what it was and is: pure vengeance directed at those who had nothing to do with – and nothing to gain from – the murders.'

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.