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This is great, has

I *highly recommend* Michael Apted's documentary, "Moving The Mountain" - on Tiananmen Square and what was festering for a long time that led up to it... focused on the stories of maybe four of the "Most Wanted" student leader activists (who managed to get out of China). Here's a trailer.

At the time the film was made (and when I first saw it), one of the students, Wang Dan - China's #1 Most Wanted - was in China in prison. I thought about him a lot, wondering if he'd get out with his mind and body intact, if at all. Then years later I noticed a tiny article on an inside page of our Hudson Valley county paper. I'd have missed the article but for recognizing his face. He'd just arrived at Newark Airport The U.S. and China had made some deal. He was part of the exchange. I cried, I was so happy. He now has a PhD from Harvard, still an activist for FREEDOM.

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