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quote by Roosevelt. I agree that the government has been taken over by nefarious people/businesses. This is where I differ with you and occupy though - If you slam down on these corrupt businesses/people (the wealthy) that's great....they've used government to create personal gain....wonderful. We get rid of all those bad guys. Now what? We wait for a few years where the EXACT same thing happens again. If you don't change the environment that allows something to doesn't matter how many times you kill will continue to pop back up and grow.

What if you attacked the environment in washington that allows it to be taken over by the wealthy/businesses? You stop the corruption at its heart. If business didn't have influence over the government, the problem would cease to exist. Business would answer directly to the consumer...instead of buying its way through lobbying and elections via corruptible politicians.

On Ron Paul. He sympathizes with occupy wall street...he's been predicting this type of thing would happen for years....and he's predicted it would happen because of what has happened with government. Read any book, or watch any lengthy speech he's ever wrote/spoke. Government is at the root of the problem in his eyes. He doesn't want to alienate Occupy...I get that...there are legitimate reasons to be upset.

Here's a segment with him discussing forward to 40 seconds into the video where he discusses the fact that Occupy isn't addressing the root cause...but the symptoms of what is going on: