Comment: Israel is like a spoiled kid picking on his sibling

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Israel is like a spoiled kid picking on his sibling

Every chance Israel gets, it plays each card to the maximum effect. Behaving like a sibling that portrays himself as innocent to mom and dad, but when mom and dad look away he is pinching and provoking his brother, accusing brother of things he didn't do, making brother look like a violent baddy in the eyes of mommy and daddy...

^This is exactly how Israel acts, Israel being the cunning child, and the US being mommy and daddy.

And Israel TAKES EVERY OPPORTUNITY IT CAN to "look like the innocent child and make Islam look bad."


Don't get me wrong. I know the history, and I know "What Muslims believe."

A big part of Islam is INTOLERANCE AND HATRED TOWARDS NON-MUSLIMS... So Muslims are NOT EXACTLY a peaceful group even when left alone.

BUT you gotta call a spade a spade and make sure you can see straight. ISRAEL is throwing EVERY DIRTY TRICK POSSIBLE out there:

False-flags, Jewish and Zionist owned media outlets releasing hit pieces and Jewish biased pieces, blocking out reporters and fair coverage and reporting.... YOU NAME IT.


So NEITHER SIDE is EXACTLY what we might consider "good" in the first place.

THE WHOLE SITUATION NEEDS TO BE LEFT TO ITSELF, let them fight amongst themselves and deceive their own people, not ours.