Comment: The mistake people make about Libertarianism

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The mistake people make about Libertarianism

is though it is against state run coercion via taxes, laws, fines, and jails to enforce safety and social programs, does not mean that Libertarianism prevents the individual to use his freedom to help others.

One can carry the ZAP principle to ridiculous extremes, such as not helping someone who is unconscious because they have not given you verbal permission to save them, thus violating their personal space and rights!

One can carry any good principle too far. We are failiable humans Neither people nor life situations are perfect. Sometimes there have to be exceptions. The Savior said its better to break some lesser laws, like getting the ox out of the mire on the Sabbath day, as he said the Sabbath was made for man, not the other way around. So should Libertarianism be treated. To consider violating someone's freedom, like my children by grabbing them forcibly to keep them from running into a busy street as a violation of ZAP is nuts.

So look at ZAP as an opportunity to help others without the government confiscating the bag lunches you hand out to the homeless because they are not approved by the USDA.

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