Comment: A Few Things

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A Few Things

1. This is not a recent post.
2. I am a big Ben Swann supporter, as one can see throughout my posting history and fundraising, etc.
3. A more recent post with explanation can be found here:
4. Evil and Ben Swann do not go together.
5. Ben Swann supporters have the right to voice their opinions without being attacked. Believe it or not, Ben welcomes feedback and debate.
6. Ben does have other (better?)options that have been offered but not initiated. He does not have to resort to the options he or his team have chosen that is causing all this in-fighting and eroding his fan base.
7. I pretty much guarantee these are true issues and not trolling. I hope as DPers and Ben fans that we can be respectful, support each other and Ben, and come up with some good solutions to help his endeavors and ours.

Peaceful Thanks. (I appreciate everyone's sincere input.)