Comment: Ok M, this is what I'm thinking so far

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Ok M, this is what I'm thinking so far

I think I will try to start Monday unless you need some more time. Or we don't have to start on the same day either. Just let me know if Monday works for you. I am going to the craft store today to get some hemp to make a bracelet.

I'm going to say downvoting counts as a complaint. So no downvoting for 21 days. Of course this will be on the honor system, actually I guess the whole thing will be on the honor system.

I think we might as well go along with the idea of coupling a complaint with a solution is ok, because what I took away from the article was more about changing the thought process around complaining. So if we get in the habit of coupling a complaint with a solution, it might be a habit we carry on after the 21 days hopefully.

Jon asked if I thought thinking a complaint counts as a complaint or if we are just dealing with verbal complaints. It probably does. What do you think? That is why I think it is a good idea to allow complaints coupled with solutions. It is hard to stop a thought from entering your head, so thinking a complaint is going to be a bit tricky to combat.

I spend a lot of time in the sun in the gardens, when I am sweating and dirty and being eaten by mosquitoes and it is 900% humidity outside, no matter how hard I try the complaint of; this is uncomfortable will enter my head, but my goal will be to focus on a solution; this is uncomfortable, but I have 2.5 rows done and if I finish this row I think I can take an air conditioned inside water break....

Let me know what ya think, if there is anything you want to add or change, when you think you want to start....

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