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I think

If I think then that is something.

If there was ever nothing, or if there may be nothing after I stop thinking, then there are two things.

A list of things:

1. Thinking

2. Nothing

Thinking is a thing that is proven by the fact that I am now thinking, or if you are going to argue about my ability to think, then that is what you do when you are thinking, but the word (think) is a third thing, the word is not the thing.

1. Perception (or thinking)

2. Words

3. The absence of all things including the space where things exist

Your question appears, in my mind, in my thoughts, in my field of view, as a paradox.

"Do you think nothing is something?"

What I think is one thing.

What you claim to be my failures, as to my answers to your paradoxical questions (as I see them) is another thing.

1. My perception

2. Words

3. Your perception of my perception conveyed with words

4. Apparent paradoxes

5. My offer as an answer to your question

6. Your perception of my offer as an answer to your question

7. Nothing at all, which is a thing, alone, before or after one other thing exists in time and place

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Ancient work:

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