Comment: America has slipped into a coma

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America has slipped into a coma

and by the time real life becomes an issue they go with whatever sounds the most acceptable without ever actually gauging the facts for themselves. That may be the biggest problem in America that people spend most of their time delegating their self-responsibilities to experts and so they can not distinguish right from wrong.

The worst part about it though is that it has become cool to be stupid... playing on the phone and ignoring serious issues is cooler with every generation, what's more, they always preface their opinions with "I Dunno, but..." or simply repeat the most generic response they have heard, where is the gall? it used to be sexy to be bold, soon all that will be bold is the highlights on hipster shirts.

Do people really want to be robots? Are they really going to beg for their humanity to be turned off? ..sure does look that way

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford