Comment: Exactly...and can someone tell me why Israel

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Exactly...and can someone tell me why Israel

is bombing Hamas homes, when it was the international mercenary group ISIS (McCain's moderate al qaeda buddies, remember that?) that took credit for the kidnapping/murder of the 3 Israeli boys?

Also, why didn't Israel stop the bombing after they had the kidnappers in custody? What happened to a fair trial and judicial process - I thought they were our ONLY democratic ally against those *muzzies* that just stone people instead of using the court system...doh! Guess this makes them barbarians just like those *muzzies*.

How many innocent people must die for 3 Israelis? Is 600 not enough already? And even if they advocate going by the barbarian Babylonian Eye for an Eye - the vengance must be equal to the crime. This isn't retaliation, this is a genocide.

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