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Comment: you know when you are eating sweet corn.

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you know when you are eating sweet corn.

sweet corn is from a can or the cob.

if you eat any meat that comes from an animal that is fed GMO corn, you are eating GMO corn. if you eat any product that has corn meal as a base, you are eating GMO corn. likewise, anything that contains HFCS.

there is "field corn" in everything.

"about 200 million bushels of corn are used to produce food products, about 400 million bushels go into producing corn sweeteners, 135 million bushels for beverages and alcohol, just under 2 billion bushels for feeding beef animals, 1.5 billion to feed chickens, and about a billion bushels for producing pork.

If you eat cereal, you've definitely encountered a corn product. Peanut butter? Field corn. Salad dressing? Field corn. Crackers? Field corn. Ice cream? Field corn."

go on, have yourself a gander.

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