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I had to use HCl capsules to be able to tolerate meat and other foods that required HCl to digest. Part of the problem was that my stomach lining was filled with heavy metals, which throws all sorts of things out of whack, including the stomach linings ability to create HCl. As I began to eat a balanced diet, and constantly ingest added minerals in my water, my body sloooowwly began to re-balance. I was on heavy doses of HCl for around eight months. I still take it sometimes, depending on what my practitioner recommends. The issue is, again, the heavy metals. As I have removed the heavy metals in my stomach lining, the body then begins to pull it from the cells in the rest of the body, and deposit it to the stomach lining (to excrete). So I'm constantly removing them, but their presence causes imbalance regardless.

Another note on HCl; if you are deficient and find it difficult to tolerate meats, you are highly likely to have a deficiency in your methylation processes as well. This was partially the causes of my psoriatic condition; poor methylation can cause genes to be expressed poorly or in strange ways. High doses of HCl can restart this engine.

Another supplement I took for digestion was Digest, from Premier Research Labs (Austin, TX). Most of my supplements come from PRL. I also, at times, took stomach enzyme supplements. It wasn't just meat I wasn't breaking down well, fibrous vegetables (including mushrooms) were coming out the other end whole. Was it Hippocrates who said that 'all disease begins in the gut'?

Basically, in the case of heavy metals, all bets are off. When they are present, they throw out all mineral interactions in the body. But it depends on which amounts of each heavy metal that you have in your body, as to which mineral interactions will be affected. This is why it's so hard to diagnose; people present with all sorts of different symptoms which manifest depending on the synergy between the heavy metal mix they individually have, and their particular strengths and susceptibilities.

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