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Congratulations! Protect you early success.

Keep and eye out for troubles others failed to recognize

Cholesterol levels below 270 lead to deficiency diseases.
The white matter of the brain is over 50% Cholesterol. The brain will shrink with dementia.

Estrogen, Testosterone, Adrenalin, vitamin D are made from Cholesterol. (Erectile dysfunction, low libido, low Vit D, low energy, brain fog).

Cholesterol is Abundant in animal Cell Membranes.

The liver can make Cholesterol if properly nourished. Supplement if level goes below 270.

The best part of a vegetable rich diet is antioxidant power. It's measured in ORAC points. 100,000 a day will overcome natural amounts of oxidation damage.

Plant oils, toasted or charred plant materials increases the anti-oxidant requirements.

Under-cooked whole grain fiber is an anti-nutrient.

Peas porridge in the pot 9days old.

Last time I made chili I cooked the canned pinto beans and tomato paste for 8 hours, two days in a row. Then I got hungry. Very smooth with good heat.

I take a Dropper of B vitamins with B-12 twice a day, sub-lingual.

Make sure the essential minerals are available from local soils.

If not supplement soil with assayed 60 mineral fertilizers or at least use wood ashes and mulches.

Instead of smoking I took enough B vitamins and minerals to satisfy the craving without the smoke and oxidation damage of smoking.

Free includes debt-free!