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I've not refused to

Define anything. Despite your repeated attempts to,argue against straw men that I haven't created, I'll give it one last attempt.

Government: an association of individuals that formally identifies, enforces and adjudicates law in a specific region.

I wouldn't define a "state" any differently, though I know you will include that it must "have an arbitrary, coercive regime" of some sort to be a "state."

Monopoly: a structure in which a specific provider supplies a certain product or service.

I don't have an "attachment"to any specific work, I have an "attachment" to using reason and logic to discover and describe ideas.

You continue to argue against straw man arguments however, which is counting to prove you have no interest in serious discussion, so I'm not sure why I bother.

When you decide to take the time to actual examine and attempt to refute the actual arguments as presented, I'll be happy to pick up the discussion again.
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