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Conservative: a person or action in favor of saving money, tradition, the status quo or a situation in the past (when varies). A tendency toward prevention of change.

Liberal: a person or action in favor of generosity, cultural curiosity and sharing, and a natural tendency to change.

The irony is that liberals travel the world and learn new languages so they can enjoy the cultures (food, dress, ideas) being kept alive by conservatives in other places.

Conservatives, on the other hand, while universally bemoaning their teenagers' hairstyles and wishing they were more respectful of tradition, are preserving completely different traditions from each other. Religious conservatives may be Christian, Muslim, etc., and their styles of dress and diet may be completely different. To complicate things further, conservatives may be conserving values from today, a generation ago, or from some point in history like the American Revolution. (No wonder they're fragmented.)

The species would not survive without some of both.

Libertarians and Authoritarians can be either liberal or conservative or some of both. The only question is whether or not they think they have the authority to use force to enforce their values. Statists are authoritarians who want to use government force.

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