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I wouldn't equate

The last 3 terms with the first. the last 3 suggest some sort of power structure - perhaps legitimate, perhaps not - but the first is universal.

Human beings should have the right to do whatever they please, so long as they do not interfere with the same rights of others individuals.

"Say I wish to grow some flowers in my yard [or smoke crack, or urinate outdoors, or go skinny dipping at the public beach, the private beach, etc.], I ask myself [or not :D], do I have the right to grow fowers in my yard? What does "right" mean there? Am I allowed to grow flowers in my yard? Who is it that would be allowing me? Do I have the privilege to grow flowers? Does not everyone have that right? Is it permissable that I grow flowers? Do I need a permit?"

Yes, you do (or should, in our modern context this isn't the reality of the situation) have the right to do those things?

However, individuals also have the right to join communities that might restrict those things as well. This is the right of freedom of association. One can subject themselves to man-made laws through contract,they just cannot enforce them upon others who have not agreed to such terms.

In the middle of working right now, so I'll return to the rest later.
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