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New Member, Long-time Lurker

Note: I posted this comment in the wrong place earlier (if you caught that)

I was brainwashed from an early age and for a long time (probably not hard to believe, coming from such a red state). Its depressing to think about it now, but in my high school mock election I "campaigned" for Bush :(... I actually supported that.. (I'll stop myself). By the time the 2008 election came around, I was still on the fence. I could not understand the logic of either party; how could one party support my right to own a firearm, but not the rights of people I knew and loved (or anyone) being able to marry whoever they chose. How could the other party see things exactly in reverse fashion- where's the logic?.. (anyone watch South Park? I felt like the juror whose head exploded in the episode with Jesse Jackson shaking the the doll saying "looking at that silly monkey!") Nonetheless, I voted for... Huckabee in the primary (sick feeling again).
But sometime between the primary and the general of 2008 I saw a video that forever changed things for me:

This just made sense. Cause and effect. It truly was as simple as that. In 4 and half minutes, my entire prior world view just fell apart. I started questioning everything (Fiat Currency, the FED, JFK's death [secret societies speech], MLK's death, 9/11 Commision Report [what happened to the $2.3T that couldn't be accounted for by the Pentagon on 9-10-01, and how did WTC7 fall in such a way?], validity of a state to begin with, and on and on and on. I could go all night but I have a report due in microbiology tomorrow, so...

In short, I wrote in Ron Paul on the general election ballot (2008), voted for him in 2012, and wrote him in again on the general election ballot. I was just as upset as (most) everyone here when he didn't go independent. By the way, I was responsible for convincing my mother, two sisters, and a couple best friends to do the same (6 write ins total if anyone is getting a tally together since the real results will never see the light of day).

I now believe in sound money, non-interventionism, and no entangling alliances with any other nation; I seek 9/11 truth out of love for those that died that day, the thousands of my generation dead and wounded over "their" (the puppeteer's) war, and out of respect for every man/woman who has shed blood or tear for this nation since "the shot heard round the world" was fired. I have lurked the DP for a very very long time (scared I'd be labeled/tagged one way or another), and when I saw earlier this week that registration was opening again I got... well I got "gitty". I am so looking forward to participating, finally, in the awesome, mind opening discussions I have come to enjoy reading, anonymously, so much for so long.

Thanks Michael for opening the door again. I was afraid I'd missed my chance to be a part of this. And thank you to the DP community for the valuable discussions and insight. I hope I can repay in kind.

~Mr. Earthbound