Comment: Bring on the Free Food Revolution!!

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Bring on the Free Food Revolution!!

We have a store on the West Coast called Grocery Outlet. One can find a variety of food products at a fraction of the retail price, and it's a good way to stretch the grocery budget.

Produce Stands and Farmers Markets offer locally grown produce that is usually affordable, and plus it supports the local economy which is always a good thing.

One of my favorite 'free food' techniques is planting store-bought green onions. After you use the green parts up top, you take what would usually be discarded (the white bulb and short stubby roots), and plant them in the ground. They can be used in an edible landscape (decorative and nutritious) or in container plants. They are very hardy, and super low maintenance, so its a perfect plant for those who have yet to green their thumbs (If you have the option of purchasing Organic, it would be worth the extra cost).

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