Comment: Sure... If you don't consider the historical facts

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Sure... If you don't consider the historical facts

Fact is, the mental disease of a fabricated notion of race supremacy was (and still is in many ways) so deeply entrenched in the minds of the majority, that it was institutionalized through law. The majority - from the very beginnings of this country - violated the core premise of liberty and made excuses to themselves - through institutionalized law - to perpetuate the hypocrisy. This race myth is responsible for the destruction of an entire culture that helped build this country, not to mention the deaths of millions. Because racial hatred and bias was enacted through legislation, it took legislation to dismantle it. The result, whether hardcore libertarians want to see it or not, are right before your eyes. The President, regardless of whether he's terrible or not, is black(ish). And the MAJORITY voted for him. This would have never been possible if it weren't for the CRA and every part of it.

I, myself, probably wouldn't be able to share my thoughts with you on this forum, if it weren't for those provisions.