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BOO! ............... o_o

You're in the right place, Kid A. Makes me feel like singin' the National Anthem before it all disappears completely. Geometry fingures to help one stay optimistic while in limbo as idiots like me and a tech here also named Jon get to know you. I see from another comment here that the captain of the ship is due to ring your morning bell, to set it in motion to picture the sound of blood on the tracks, or something.

"Meet me in the mornin', 56th and Wabasha..." Didn't Thom sing that once?

Wait a sec, I might have that backwards.

By the way, if by chance you don't understand any of this and you perhaps just think I'm certfiably insane [well, many here think that anyway], then please explain your username. :D

For any of you others who are reading this and are thinking, "Holy crap, that's a hell of a way to greet a new member!"... :p~~ ~

Anyway, when I need a little break from politics and other sometimes frustrating topics, I head on over to Jam Session, listen to a tune or two, and sometimes post one myself if I'm feelin' it. Jam Session particularly delights in fresh blood. Before you enter there though, you might be wise to change the setting of your comment display. My computer crashes when I go there having forgotten to tweak the comment display setting. The place to change that setting is at the top of this list of comments. There between the top of comments and the big red Add Comment bar are the "Comment viewing options". I set mine to "50 comments per page" and I'm good to go. I look forward to seeing you around...