Comment: Hello all.

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Hello all.

Many thanks for opening up registration for today!

I'm not from the States, nor have I ever been there, but I stumbled upon this site in the course of Ron Paul's run in the Republican primaries of 2012, which I was following both because of the extent of the influence of US politics on the world (and thus on the places I live and have lived) and because of an increasing awareness of how big a role liberty had come to play in my political thinking. This site turned out to be the most interesting source of information during those primaries, so I stuck around as a reader.

Information I found here and in places this site directly or indirectly pointed me to helped me to get a better grasp of my own views; it helped to make my views more concrete, more nuanced, and better reasoned. I hope to continue this process, but now interactively, when I see an opportunity to contribute a view, problem, or question that I think might be useful.

I've also come to realise the great example the US could have been, still can be, and indeed in some respects actually has been and is, even to other countries that could be argued to be relatively free, while earlier my views on US politics would be pretty much focused on the bad example it is in many other respects and the bad influence it exerts on world politics (I hope no one minds me being this frank as an 'outsider').

I wish us all a future where we can live as free as we desire, and I look forward to discussing what that would entail and how to get there!