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Good Morning Daily Paul

Good Morning Daily Paul. It's gonna be a great day. Thank you Michael for the opportunity to feel like more than just a fan. Have been on the outside looking in for quite some time and am excited to be here. I grew up a Reagan Republican and somewhere between Bush 1 and Clinton, I hopped the NeoCon Express. However, I started questioning things about the time we went from Afghanistan to Iraq. I remember saying, the Taliban isn't in Iraq and had doubts about WMD's. Then I started to realize how unpatriotic the Patriot Act was. So I lost faith in the RIGHT and always knew the LEFT was full of liars. So, I became disillusioned with all politics until I heard that lone voice in the wilderness, Dr. Ron Paul sharing the message of peace and liberty. There was certainly a learning curve but like I say, "If you don't agree with Ron Paul, you just haven't listened long enough."