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gonna lay it all out ..

In 2007 i had a Gf who was gonna recieve a small inheritence and wanted me to invest it , so i got looking into stock markets and gold and silver . I wanted to know if they were good investments so i started digging into what made them go up and down . I learned the difference between a commodity based money and what we have now .

This got me into the history of banking which got me into the history of war . I also started watching police abuse videos on youtube and started having strong feelings about the whole thing . If only there was a group i could find who also didnt agree with war , banks , and police and still today these are by far my top 3 issues .

Ofcourse while researching these things id see people battling in the comment sections about guy named ron paul but i ignored it , i wasnt into politics but eventually really reading these comments made me realize i really need to check it out and i did so congrats , those comments may have been some of you , to this day i keep the lurkers in mind more then the person im talking to in a comment section or forum .

I kept my mouth shut and just listened and learned , i started coming to the dailypaul but i consider myself a lurker of the 07-08 campaign but by 2009 i was spreading and defending the the message and havent stopped since . I was allways a loner about it so i only lurked here and didnt sign up , but i come everyday , dailypaul has by far the best comment section on the internet , you guys really break it down and do your research .

Ill break down the views that everyone probably wants to know where i fall on

Rand paul - trojan horse , he earned me back over the last year and a half , im all in .

Border - open border / closed incentives

Front page - Peace Gold LIBERTY R[evol]ution jk

"Tea party" 2014 - infiltrated , dont like em , i dont see whats liberty about 90% of their canidates , i think they will be the true enemy of the 2016 primary

An cap - i cant encourage a group who will be screaming " dont vote " in all the places ill be spreading the message this primary , i agree with most everything except any movement that constantly disses the constitution , rand paul and voting is a corrupt governments wet dream , willing to talk ancap when i feel safer and more free in my own country

Grammar - i ignore it because A. I dont care , Ive been released and givin freedom from my government school prison sentence B. Its a great way to find who is a closet authoritarian

The ark - i thought its good idea , trolls are a waste of everyones time that could be better spent . But i like the 24 hour deal , i think it wasa good idea too .

Some Favorite bands - nofx , anti flag , leftover crack , thin lizzy , megadeth , the coup/sssc , prince ea .

Well thats me , Any questions feel free to ask