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Hello, Daily Paul! I am Constitutionalist Chris, and I've been trying to write an introduction for over two hours before coming up with this...

I'm an 18 year-old who used to argue strongly for neoconservatism, before I started to argue smartly for liberty. I began to notice that that as the Democrats and Republicans play ping-pong with the White House and Congress, things still manage to get worse even with all of the rhetoric and fancy promises. After discovering Ron Paul and his message, things changed.

I watched every debate during the 2012 election and started reading websites like the Daily Paul to further my understanding of constitutionalism and libertarianism. I've since discussed the issues with family, friends and colleagues-- and in the process, changed the minds of most people I talk to. Freedom is catching on!

I'm proud to join this community because radio and television media made me a slave to statism for the first 16 years of my life - internet media, such as the Daily Paul, have set me free. The internet and word-of-mouth will be the main frontiers for the grassroots and the Liberty Movement in the time to come.