Comment: Good morning and Thank you!

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Good morning and Thank you!

Very grateful that I can now participate in this great website!
A little about me. I first became politically aware at a young age when my father bought me my first dirtbike in California. I was thrilled, however it wasn't exactly the one I wanted. I wanted an 80cc two stoke to race, what I got was more expensive, heavier 125cc four stroke. Why? Both my parents were by the book police officers (now retired), and a good citizen of The Peoples republic of Cali must register their dirtbikes, and they are issued a big ugly sticker to put on the forks. The bike I wanted came with the dreaded RED STICKER, whereas the bike I got was adorned with a GREEN STICKER. A RED STICKER means that you can only LEGALLY ride on public lands for 3 months out of the year.....December, January, and February If i remember right. Something about the ozone layer being more able to handle the "huge" amount of pollution caused by 6 13 year olds on two stoke motorcycles. So when at the end of February, I would no longer be LEGAL. However, the lawn mowers, weed eaters, edgers, and all the two stroke machines used by the landscaping crews darting across the desert kept on humming... how could this be? It seems that lush green lawns that us desert dwellers spent all of our time and money to keep alive were so important as to escape regulation. At this time it was Bush Vs. Gore, and the dirtbike community was convinced that Gore was going to shut us down all together, everywhere all the time. I was a staunch republican from then on, until 2007.
I am certainly where I am today because of Ron Paul's Guiliani “moment.” My life changed from then on, I looked at the world differently. I continued my Pre-med program, however lost all interest in my “dream job” of being an ER Dr. after spending a lot of time in ER’s working as an EMT. I really took interest, slow at first, at being the change I wanted to see in the world, and taking back responsibility for myself. I continue that today much more successfully. I embarked on a mission to raise a lot of my own food 4 years ago. I started with a small garden in buckets at my suburban postage stamp backyard, and now have a large one right next to my barn apartment in the middle of 27 (rented) acres which I share with my beautiful girlfriend. We raise our own chickens, both meat and eggs, which I sell on campus (anything to not take student loans). In the spring I plan on getting a few sheep, more laying chickens, and my girlfriend plans on quitting her nanny job to sell at farmers markets. I am one year away from being a Dr. of Chiropractic with a job already lined up. I couldn’t be happier about where I am at in my life. The future holds great things and I owe that outlook to the work I have put in, inspired originally by Dr. Ron Paul himself, and continually encouraged by great people like those here at the DailyPaul.