Comment: Who does this kid think he is?

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Who does this kid think he is?

I've been waiting a while now for this day to come...

I've been an unregistered member of this site since around 2008-2009 when I was a freshman in high school. I was very aware of Ron Paul and libertarianism long before then thanks in part to my father. Though I would argue that rebellion and liberty has always been in my blood.

I was born, raised, and live in Southern California where I attend community college studying electrical engineering and work unrelated jobs in between. Of course there's a lot more to my story but I'll spare those details for later.

I enjoy government-related news as much as the next guy, however that crap tires me out sometimes. I get much more excited reading about Permaculture, the Arts, natural nutrition, technology, finance, etc. since I believe it is these areas that will give us the tools to fight the good fight using a bottom-up approach. I am here to practice my essay skills, educate myself, and to become part of a community online and off.