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Comment: Greetings Liberty Lovers...

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Greetings Liberty Lovers... present, I will say I am quite peeved about what is happening in Gaza, Eastern Ukraine, and at our southern border...

It is quite obvious that we, increasingly frustrated & disgusted patriots have had enough; and I think we've gotten someone's attention!

We'll, I have chosen the screen name "Golden Dawn" frankly because I'm sick of being called a far-right extremist, fascist, and seems to me, the political party by the same name in Greece, has been fighting exactly what is destined to come here if we don't defeat the oligarch machinery and purge it from our politics ASAP, without apology.

I, have many questions; together we could all come up with a winning strategy to get back to our founders' intention for preserving the Liberty they wanted us to enjoy, and be that moral example to the rest of the world once again.

I do have a YouTube channel:

Truth will NOT set you free; but rather action based on truth will set you free!