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I disagree Atlanta, here's why

The Military/Industrial complex here gained the most, by far.

So what nation gained the most? The USG. But not in a good way.

Our government virtually doubled in size overnight. The peace movement was dismantled and pretty much destroyed. Anyone who spoke out against the wars was castigated, labeled a lunatic, their careers would suffer or be destroyed. USG had a great reason to roll back individual rights, human rights, arrest and detain without charge and due process, torture, roll back and end run the Constitution, create massive new state surveillance programs to spy on its own citizens, full infiltrate and control the MSM press.

Netanyahu implemented this on Israel's citizens using Hamas as the bogeyman, not 9/11. Also, he did it with much greater success.

Israeli citizen mindsets greatly remind me of how people were here right after 9/11.

The rabid enthusiasm of war, the unquestioning support of the government, the unquestioning of the press, and the with us or against us frame of mind.