Comment: This is what Malaysia is involved in:

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This is what Malaysia is involved in:

A victim of international banking fraud, and they are pursuing it vociferously.

It's akin to Barbara Yellin & Ben Bernanke being indicted, it's that serious.

The aggressor in this case is Australia, who is so worried about the case they have thrown a gag order on the gag order (no joke):

I can't provide links to the actual items as there are no links I can find. Anyone who actually published the material would never in future be able to visit Australia, so I can see the hesitancy.

What I provided is just buzz, unverified but likely true. The double gag order itself has been verified apparently by Wikileaks.

I'm not sure how this relates to the airliner or if it does (I haven't been following much of the airliner stories really), but this is by far the biggest news event relating to Malaysia. (Double gagged, no less)