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You really know how to spin it, don't you?

Please tell me when in history the land known as "Palestine" was NOT "occupied"? Please tell me...

The last time it was an INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN NATION was when it was ancient Israel!
And it had not been a sovereign nation since Rome conquered ancient Israel until the reestablishment of Israel in 1948!

Before the Jews began returning in great numbers after WWII, the land was known in Arabic as "The Land of Death", because it was so empty, unpopulated, barren, and unfruitful. Since the Jews returned, the fruit orchards stretch across the landscape, and the cities are vibrant, and the economy and industry booming, especially compared to the rest of the region, which is still mostly run by Islamists.

So fast forward to today... "Palestine" runs it's own government, and it's own affairs for the first time in history! The Jewish State of Israel granted that land to the "Palestinian" people, aka the Arab Muslims that emigrated to the land who refuse to live next to Jews in Israel, unlike 1.6 million of their Arab brethren who are Israeli citizens, many of whom serve in the IDF. So because these Islamists refuse to live in a predominantly Jewish nation, they demanded the area of Gaza and the West Bank... They got it! Several times Jews were forced out of their own homes to allow the "Palestinian" Muslims to have exclusive rights to the land!
Israel still provides aid and services to Gaza, that the Palestinian government cannot handle, like securing their international borders.

Just take a look at a map of Israel from 1967 to today, and you'll see that Israel has been pressured by the UN and leftist international community to appease the "Palestinians" by giving up more and more territory to the terrorist backed Islamists. They've now given Hamas everything they want. They gave up all of Gaza to them. They give them and their people aid, and money. Yet Hamas still commits terror acts and continues to attack Israel in the face of mass civilian deaths which they are responsible for!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?