Comment: How I made it here.

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How I made it here.

It has been an interesting journey of enlightenment.

So I was eating dinner with my mother while the 2012 presidential debate run was happening and the news folks were bashing this guy Ron Paul for his approach to healthcare. They played a snippet of Dr. Paul from the debate...a clear hack job, and then the presstitutes went on to grandstand for a bit....

I am not sure why, but I found the whole thing weird...For whatever reason, they came off to me at least, as wantonly going out of their way to bash this guy who had 'No Chance'...

And let me digress for a moment. I spent 4 years in the Navy during Bush I's Iraq war...and ever since then I've had my doubts about what's going on about me, but have never really been able to quite figure out what that exactly is.....

So after the hack job on The Good Doctor that evening, I did some research on Ron. Holy shit did I have no idea what I was getting myself into. If anything, the government mouthpieces on the news that evening were successful with having an entirely opposite effect of what their clear intention was.

My internal sensibilities already told me what real freedom was and meant...but it took Dr. Paul to help me put my feeling about how messed up things are and why, into words, so they could be expressed to other people so hopefully they too wake up to the fact that we're really screwed if we don't ALL start waking up. i.e. The Fed.

I have been trolling here just about since day one of my journey. I am happy to be an official member and next payday I will budget in to becoming a paying member.

I truly appreciate the hard work of Mr. Nystrom and all that assist here.

Thank you for having me.