Comment: To whom?

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To whom?

Or what exactly?
Them commandmnets did not create a moral society,than the thousands we have to put with today in america
Laws never dictate any type of society,they can be used to oppress though,and are used that way
Did the commandment to not murder,solve murders?
How about the law to not steal? do people not steal anymore?
But so what,that is off topic and a misdirect from the point.
The point was,there were people living in them lands before them israelites came onto the scene,and I'd bet them peoples have a difference of opinion on whom owns what,and who doesn't won it,and are intruders
But these intruders are different,these have taken the world for a ride using guilt as the motivator,So these other nations get to pay homage and reparations to country they did not commit an offense to.
These people have more of say in our own congress than we the people do,to the tune of millions upon millions a year,and then these people,use their new found toys to oppress and suppress any and all opposition,including several pre-emptive strikes against other nations,including Iran.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence