Comment: Hello to the DP community

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Hello to the DP community

As many others that have signed up today, I have decided to become part of the great DP community. I am following the website for several years now and it became one of my daily news source. Therefore I did not want to miss out on this opportunity.
A few things about me. I am originally from Germany, but live now for almost four years in the US. I am having a scientific-technical background, but got interested in economics in 2008 with the burst of the housing bubble and the subprime crisis. I tried to make sense out of a seemingly chaotic and mysterious development in world economy. Back then I got aware of the webpage of the Mises Institute. I was amazed, by the teachings of the Austrians, since it makes perfect sense and is very logical. Through the Mises Institute I became aware of Ron Paul and this led me to the DailyPaul webpage.
The DailyPaul gave me a deeper insight into the self-conception of Americans and helped me to understand the American culture better. It shaped my viewpoints in a way I never imagined possible and helped converting me to the philosophy of Liberty. There is nothing similar available in my homecountry.
Thanks to Michael Nystrom for opening the arc and letting me into this community. I am intenting to contribute to the conversations on this webpage with my semi-outside view, whenever I see fit.