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If you have been paying actual attention to this conflict

You would already know that Hamas is firing rockets defensively.

Israel Is The Aggressor, Not The Victim

You don't collectively punish thousands for the alleged actions of two Hamas members who were reportedly already shunned by Hamas leadership and would have acted without consent of said Hamas leadership. The Jewish-Israeli teens were kidnapped [later revealed to have been murdered]; Israeli leaders knew the next day they were dead and who the two alleged murderers were. Instead of tell the truth, Israeli leaders conspired in a conspiracy to deceive their nation and the world, they put a gag order on Israeli media and lied to the teens' families while also lying to their nation and the world. Israel then launched a weeks-long bullshit campaign of #BringBackOurBoys (who they clearly already knew were dead) while severely brutalizing, kidnapping and imprisoning Palestinian adults, teens and children, by the literally hundreds, plus murdering Palestinians and bombing Gaza, while riling up the Jewish-Israeli population to commit racist acts of vigilante "justice," which happened, when a Palestinian teen was kidnapped, burned alive and murdered, and others, such as the Florida, USA teenager who had his head stomped by Israeli police. Or did you forget all that? Hamas then fought back in the pathetically-limited way they can; with crude rockets and mortars, the majority of which land harmlessly in the desert or are intercepted by Israel's highly-sophisticated Iron Dome missile defense system. Then Israel started its massive bombardment of Gaza that is still escalating as you read this. Understand? Good.

Hague ICC for Israel's Racist War Criminal Terrorist Leaders