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Comment: My morning smoothie

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My morning smoothie

Smoothie recipe:

8 - 10 oz of coconut or almond milk
fist full of broccoli sprouts - NutriBullet so the sprouts are suspended
1 TBLS <<< 60 fruits/vegetables
3 TBLS hemp seed hearts for protein ( or
1 TBLS chia seeds for omega 3s ( or
1 TBLS dried pomegranate/gojo berries/etc. (
Stevia to taste ( or
parsley/water crest/kale/etc. optional <<< whatever greens you want or even ginger root
1/2 TBLS allspice for prostrate issues optional (amazon or vitacost in bulk)
2 handfuls of frozen blueberries
NutriBullet for 30 seconds or so

Tastes like crap but SUPER good for you!... and I feel like a million!

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