Comment: Rand is disappointing me here

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Rand is disappointing me here

I do not wish anything negative to Rand, but this makes my heart weep.

The fact that he has betrayed the non-interventionist position and continues to filter his ideas through focus groups.

Saddens me that the son of Ron is on the wrong side of history when it comes to the continued Israeli occupation. Part of me is optimistic and hopes that this is due to being misinformed about the facts on the ground.

I am not saying that we should switch sides and start funneling money and weapons to Palestinian groups(aren't they already getting supplies from us through cutouts like Qatar?), but that the US should adopt a policy of nonintervention.

Hopefully, he takes up the non-interventionist cause and calls for an end to all foreign aid.

At which point, he will be demonized and called an "anti-semite".

I always felt that Rand is a member of the liberty movement, and the few allies we have in elected government. However, I have downgraded him to fellow traveler.

Please Rand, the war issue is to important. Please come back on the road to liberty.