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You must be pretty bored.

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page have both stated that the accusations of backward masking is rubbish. My guess is that they are exhausted with debunking this as they have been debunking it for over 30 years.

Both Robert and Jimmy are really into English literature and Page admits that in his youth he was curious about the occult but only in terms of literature...such as the Lord of the Rings and such.

Page did own Crowley's mansion but he denies being a Satan worshipper. As far as backward masking, as a musician, and having experimented with it a lot I can tell you that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to do a lyric line that sounds like anything when played backwards.

Think about have to first think how something would sound when played backwards, then you must sing it or play it forwards (or normal) then flip the tape over and mix it and edit it where it goes. We tried it and it never sounded like anything but gobbly-gook. Find you an old tape machine and try yourself and is nearly impossible.

Truth is you can hear anything you want to hear. Leave Jimmy alone....he is a very nice man and has contributed some fantastic music to the world for decades. It is a real insult to the enormous body of work that Zeppelin has contributed to the world. Please get a life.