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Jimmy Page admits that he

has ripped off many old blues records to create "some" of his Zeppelin tunes. Jimmy voluntarily has paid royalties to the families of many of those artist families out of fairness and respect.

As a musician I can tell you that we rip each other off all the time. The I IV V formula is the most common progression in pop music, it makes up probably about half of the songs we play and listen to.

My biggest influence as a guitarist is Ritchie Blackmore and the best advice I ever got was from Ritchie when he said the best way to come up with a good riff is to steal it. YouTube Ritchie Blackmore and watch the video where he shows you the songs that he ripped off to create some of Purple's best known tunes. We all do it to one extent or another either consciously or unconsciously and as musicians we are ok with it as long as you don't do like Coldplay does to Joe Satriani and just blatantly rip off a melody without changing a thing.

It's a fine line that we all walk. If we didn't most of the great tunes we all love would not exist. Lighten up.