Comment: traitorous bastards. Especially, post-USS Liberty murders,

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traitorous bastards. Especially, post-USS Liberty murders,

there is ZERO excuse for ANY CONgressional 'Knesset in Mordor on the Potomac'-critter to be supporting IsisRaEl, let alone giving them corporatist welfare-no-bid contracts to further fund Israel's own domestic policestate with; indeed, truly they're the 51st state in the 'Union:' It's Official: Israel = 51st State in the USA: Dem Knesset Member Dick Durbin taps $225M for Iron Dome onto US-Mex Border Bill!

Senate Border Bill Moves Forward
Funding for Israel and western wildfires tacked on legislation:

Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System
Published on Jul 25, 2014

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke on the Senate Floor to address funding for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense sysytem.

“Israel requested it, the White House asked us to include it,” Durbin told Politico. “It reflects the fact that all the rocket activity coming out of Gaza has exhausted their current supply or at least it is threatening their supply for defense.”

by | July 30, 2014

A measure in the Senate purportedly designed to deal with an influx of around 120,000 illegal immigrants has cleared a key procedural hurdle.

Formal debate on the legislation will begin following a 63 to 33 vote. The bill will provide $2.7 billion in emergency funding for the federal government to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants.

Republicans have refused to support the legislation unless the current immigration policy is changed. House Republicans will approve substantially less money than requested by the Obama administration – $659 million. The House bill requires the apprehension of all unaccompanied minors and deportation hearings within a week.

The Senate measure includes provisions not related to the border or immigration. It specifies funding for local, state and federal agencies to deal with wildfires in eight western states and $225 million for Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system. The system, used against rockets launched from Gaza, is paid for primarily with American money.

Asked about the funding for Israel, Illinois Democrat and Majority Whip Dick Durbin said Israel asked for the addition.

“Israel requested it, the White House asked us to include it,” Durbin told Politico. “It reflects the fact that all the rocket activity coming out of Gaza has exhausted their current supply or at least it is threatening their supply for defense.”

** Yes, you read correctly, a corporatist no-bid contract missile shield earmark tacked onto a bill supposedly slated for "emergency" American border crisis! What FRAKKiN COUNTRY are we living in?? Remember, what Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul said? 'We' fund both sides of the conflict, again, and again, and AGAIN!

The Maggot Traitor Dickhead Pottybin is so proud that he's working on behalf of another nation's constituency that he couldn't wait to upload the proof of his UnAmerican allegiance onto his own YT! Yay!

Though, to be fair, none of this is new, nor the first time, of course: 'we' have ALWAYS BEEN sugadaddies for 'their' Iron Dome.

And, not that they're any different, but guess which statist fascist party is more IsisRaEl-1ster, this time around?

Senate Democrats pressure GOP on Israel

'There’s strong support for that program and we can put it on any bill,' Rubio says. - [Spoken like a true American, who's (s)elected to serve his American, Floridian constituency's interests, eh?]
By BURGESS EVERETT | 7/23/14 12:47 PM EDT

Democrats are daring Republicans to oppose a border bill that includes aid to Israel during its increasingly heated conflict with Hamas.

As the simmering battle in Gaza reached its boiling point last week, the Israeli government turned to its strongest ally: The United States. And the White House was happy to oblige, relaying a request to Senate Democrats late last week to ask for more money for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense program, according to congressional sources familiar with the request.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats responded by slipping $225 million into its emergency funding package for the migrant crisis at the border, demonstrating the political might of Israel and putting pressure on the GOP in one fell swoop.

** I'd say, send EVERY SINGLE ONE of these Mordor on the Potomac CONgressional critters who voted for this UnConstitutional, traitorous travesty, the bill for $225MILLION!!

If they, or their various tax-shelters/trusts can't pay? As The GoodFellas would say: Fcuk You, Pay Me!

Take these biitches' assets as collateral!

Goodfellas: Fuck You, Pay Me
Published on Jul 29, 2013

Important business lessons from Goodfellas (1990).

Hell, seeing as how these Dems/RINO/AIPAC-whores are so eager to help the illegals coming through American borders as much as illegals in Palestine, let them house and feed them, on their own dime, in their own homes, if they're so insistent.

Hell with that: I'd say, they should help the Americans who are down on their luck first. Instant homeless problem solved (if you include their staffers, hired lobbyists, aides, army of lawyers, their supporters, etc. included in those tasked to house and feed the homeless and the illegals). LOL.


UPDATE 1: Just to put it into perspective, someone should remind TX Gov. Dick Perry that Israel just got more 'money' from oBUSHma, Dems & RINOs, than Texas, for their 'border problems,' than 'ours' and his!

Gov. Perry to Secure Border without Federal Money if Obama Won't Pay

by Ken Klukowski 24 Jul 2014

Governor Rick Perry is asking President Barack Obama to foot the bill for Texas National Guard operations on the U.S.-Mexico border. But Perry will go it alone if Obama says no, funding the entire operation out of Texas coffers.

Perry has deployed 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the southern border in Operation Strong Safety. They will primarily support police officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and other state personnel as those officers try to maintain public safety and protect public health. The guardsmen will also have authority to apprehend people under certain circumstances.

The National Guard can be used by a chief executive under federal statutes in three ways. Title 10 of the United States Code governs the U.S. military. Title 32 governs the National Guard. If a president federalizes a National Guard unit, that unit transfers to Title 10 and comes under presidential control as part of the regular military. The National Guard usually acts under Title 32 as a pure state body, under the control of its state’s governor as its commander in chief.

ADDENDUM: Best. Primer. EVER.

The Truth About Israel and Palestine
Stefan Molyneux
Published on Jul 31, 2014

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been raging on for decades and there seems to be no end in sight.

On July 8, 2014, Israel launched operation Protective Edge, carrying out airstrikes on 50 cities in the Palestinian Gaza Strip. The Israeli government claimed this was retaliation against rockets fired from Palestinian territories controlled by the Islamic political movement Hamas.

The July events are the latest of a series of bloody attacks between Israel and Palestine. What is the cause of all this violence and why are both sides so committed to it?

To wit; let'em kill each other, and let 'their' each respective same-God-not-same-'God' sort each other out. Seems it's going to be the only equitable solution: when they're all both too dead to give a fcuk... in this temporal plane, so the rest of the 7BILLION+ around the globe can stop giving a fcuk about the most useless strip of desert land, birthplace of intentionally-designed-to-be-perpetually-infighting narrative that only a senile & simultaneously precocious 89yr old won't be able to spot as 'Duh! It's designed to control me!'-imperialist bankster warwhore-propaganda, so humanity can finally f'ng evolve past them. Oh right, that, and until Americans don't have our wealth stolen to pay for these USS Liberty false-flaggin corporatist warWHORE maggot war-welfare-queen biitches:

This Land is Mine
Lawrence Lagerlof
Published on Oct 3, 2012

Reference and original, including an explanation about each character in this video:

It tells the story of the wars in the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant, since the cavemen until today, all so musical and poetic.

"This Land is Mine" is a video from Nina Paley, originally posted on Vimeo.
In the end of this video appear the text "Copying is an Act of Love, please copy and share.". So, here it is.


The Exodus Song, "This Land is Mine"
(Lyrics by Pat Boone. Sung by Andy Williams)

This land is mine
God gave this land to me

This brave and ancient land to me
And when the morning sun
Reveals her hills and plains
Then I see a land
Where children can run free.

So take my hand
And walk this land with me
And walk this lovely land with me
Tho' I am just a man

When you are by my side

With the help of God
I know I can be strong.

Tho' I am just a man

When you are by my side

With the help of God
I know I can be strong.

To make this land our home

If I must fight

I'll fight to make this land our own.
Until I die this land is mine!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul