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I look at it this way

and I think myself in line with Ron Paul. It's about the issues and the message, not the personalities and the messengers. I face them one at a time, individually. Sure, I've heard some pretty rank stuff from Brand, not here though. Here he really shines like the son. Imagine just for a few minutes that this is the only Brand video you've ever watched. No, Brand's not great, but he can be great at times. I've also [certainly not often] found Hannity being great at times. Rivera was interesting. He paid tribute to his FOX paycheck for a few seconds, wisely giving the devil his due, and then resolutely moved on to being as sane as he could be. Don't you just love/hate Rivera? Probably always have, right? Brand and Hannity are no different in dynamic of how we react to their personas. At this moment Brand has the upper hand in the presentation of that which is sane. The fact that I am so damned entertained by this though, has me questioning my own sanity. :D