Comment: Because they are scared of total liberty!

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Because they are scared of total liberty!

They like an abused wife that cant leave their husband, making more excuses for their abuser.
They are just weak and part of the problem that our Republic is on life support.

The Gop and Dnc must die for our Republic is going to survive. I made a decision in 2009 to leave my party to the Nazis like Santourum and mike the huckster! Why would anyone with principles be like Rand fighting for liberty on their knees with head up their Party's leaders ass? But that is the ONLY way you get power in the Gop or Dnc!

No thanks, I stay in the Libertarian Party fighting for the people in my township buiding and on the street as a FREE man Not a slave to anyone!

Matthew Schutter
Chairmen of Penn Forest Board of Auditors