Comment: *face in palm* Are you F'ing kidding me?!?!!

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*face in palm* Are you F'ing kidding me?!?!!

This epitomizes all the things I find wrong with the community on thsi forum. Its almost like Liberty is not the point, its almost more of an extreme populism that is whats driving many here, NOT libertarianism. I HATE what the USA has done as a bully super power, but Jeezus Chraist, US is doing what every flippin country would do with its power! Russia is a god damn dictatorship! If there was a Ron Paul in Russia, Putin would have him imprisoned or killed, but in America we just have the media ignore him. I feel bad to say this but its been a while since Ive literally wanted to slap a thread author. Wow... Putin, a great leader? More like a oligarch, dictator, executive branch power consolidator, stealer of his people's tax money.... There is no god damn good and evil. The US isnt bad or good, while Gaddafi, Putin, Assad, Saddam, etc, are good guys or bad guys. COUNTRIES ACT IN THEIR OWN SELF INTEREST! Thats why neocons saying Israels interests are our own, frustrates me JUST AS MUCH AS THIS BS JUST WRITTEN ON THIS THREAD, because Israel acts in its own interest as the US does. EVERY BIG GOVERNMENT WILL DO THIS. Its not evil or good, its selfish assholes, simple as that. Thats why its up to us to limit and stop our government from growing! Its our fault, not a diabolic evil. We let the evil happen. PUTIN SIGNED A LAW THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GOV ISSUED LICENSE TO HAVE A POLITICAL BLOG!!!! If thats not tyranny, what the F*** is??? DONT BE A FLIPPING IDIOT!


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