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I worked at a nuclear plant many years ago

It is surprising that the technology is so "low-tech"; the nuclear reaction does exactly that -- generates heat, which boils water which is called "hot" water (hot from radiation); that water goes through pipes which run alongside/through other pipes, containing "cold" water. The "cold" water comes out of the containment, into the turbine room where the generators are used. The generators take in steam, using the heat to turn the turbines, resulting in the "cold" water reverting to liquid form, and going through the process again.

It amazed me that we're still just boiling water.

It turns out the term "harnessing the atom" is just as valid as the sales pitch for the condo I lived in when I was in Florida -- "solar heated pool" it said; I thought "neat, solar panels!" No, it was just heated by the sun...

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