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What does Hamas want they

What does Hamas want they want dead Palestinians. And Abby Martin is one of their allies and they think that if they can create enough of them the latent antisemitism in the world will give then the opportunity to pursue their primary goal to kill Jews in furtherance of their religion. The Palestinian people are suffering because of their own leaders who most assuredly do not want any kind of peace. Hamas got power by killing off their PLO rivals and that is all they are capable of not peacefully governing so their charter promotes continuous violence. Lets be clear anti-Zionism and antisemitism are same thing. People like Abby Martin are too cowardly to come out and and say explicitly that I hate Jewish people so they hide their true feelings with false concern for Palestinian people. Shame on the Israel for not meekly being resigned to their fate as the Jews were in the 1940s and same on Joe Rogan for allowing this evil woman to have place to display her hatred of the Jews.

Keith Halderman